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Please direct any support questions about the Boomer Radio iPhone App to: Additional information is available here.

Windows Media

Windows Media streaming is only available to listeners using Internet Explorer as their
web browser. This is a recent change instituted by Microsoft.

"Click Here to Listen" Links

These allow you to listen to our programming using all web browsers, and with most
popular computer operating systems (Windows, Apple, Linux). These streans provide
better quality audio than our original Windows Media streams.

Internet Radio Device Links

In recent years, more listeners are using Internet Radio devices to listen to Boomer
Radio. Many of these devices allow for stations to be added using URLs. Below is
a list of all of our program channels, with links to their aac+/he-acc streams:

Boomer Radio - The Acoustic Cafe

Boomer Radio - Christmas Music

Boomer Radio - Classic Mix

Boomer Radio - Cruisin' Oldies

Boomer Radio - Electric Eighties

Boomer Radio - All Hit Oldies

Boomer Radio - The Lush Life

Boomer Radio - Sizzlin' Seventies

Boomer Radio - Smooth Jazz Favorites

Boomer Radio - Soft Oldies

Boomer Radio - Sweet Soul Music

Boomer Radio - Vintage Rock 

For technical support, please email us at:


Let Us Know What You Think!
As we develop this exciting new approach to Internet Radio, we would like your input.
Tell us about your favorite music. Please email us at:

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